Thailand tour – Part One.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m back from the great Thailand Tour of 2019! For an idea of where we went, just see this post:

As I mentioned in the original post, we were risking our tour in rainy season. While this meant lower prices, it did mean that we may end up being confined to our hotels for long stretches while the skies emptied. We needed a good deal of luck to ensure our trip wasn’t a washout!

So, were we lucky? Yes… well… mostly. Here’s the first part of our Thailand Tour Diary!

If you read our previous blog you’ll know that we were visiting Bangkok first. And as you would expect, these first three days were typified by food (glorious food) and shopping.

Day one – land in Bangkok later afternoon and hurry to our relatively basic digs a 5 minute walk from Victory Monument. We got the Skytrain from the airport and after a perilous bit of traffic dodging, we found our hotel. We were jetlagged and very very tired, but didn’t want to waste an evening, so we had a little wander to Soi Rangnam and found a typical Thai cafe where we powered through a fantastic Som Tam salad each and a couple of bottles of Singha. Tiredness hit and we collapsed into our beds.

Day two – time for shopping!

My friend Nat had never been to Bangkok before, so she was eager to try some of its much vaunted shopping. And where better than the Pratunam area and in particular; Platinum Fashion Mall. How to describe this particular delight? Spread across 5 or 6 floors, PFM is a shopping experience unlike few others. Hundreds of clothing and accessories retailers/brands fill the various stores (more akin to market stalls) with their own creations (or those they’ve ripped off from elsewhere). It’s relatively cheap (despite the strong baht) and you can certainly find some incredible bargains. Nat filled her bags with around 10 tees and various dresses and skirts.

Arms full of bags, we jumped in a tuk tuk and had the usual terrifying ride tearing through traffic back to the hotel. Seriously, if you go to Bangkok and don’t risk your life in a tuk tuk, then you’ve missed a ‘treat’. Please note the apostrophes.

That evening we decided to treat ourselves to a pricier than usual Thai meal and ate next to the Chao Phraya river with the Wat Arun Temple illuminated on the opposite shore. Wow, what a view. I’ll share some photos another time, but take my word for it when I say it was the most atmospheric meal I’ve ever had. I resisted the urge for my normal choice of panang and chose a gaeng phed ped yang (red curry with duck basically). Just a stunning plate of food; typical red curry (fairly spicy, great use of kafir lime leaves, bags of coconutty richness, get in my belly).

We finished up and decided to have a late night trip to Khao San Road. But that can wait for my next post.

Thanks for reading! See you in a few days time.

Emil Jachmann xxx

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