Passion for Thailand

I love Thailand. Not that you’d know it from this blog. I mean, it’s not like it’s covered with photos of Thailand. The odd bit of Thai here and there. Or numerous posts about Thai food.

What do I love about the place? You mean, apart from the people, the weather, the food, the language, the general culture? Very little *cough*

Here are my favourite places in the country…

Bangkok – sure it’s grey, humid, busy, somewhat smelly, smoggy and often difficult to navigate your way around, but I love the place. It’s got a real charm to it; from the people who live there and invariably greet you with a smile, to the street food that persist despite the government crackdown. From backpack central Khaosan Road where you’ll be hassled to go watch a questionable performance of table tennis, to madness of JJ Market with its clothes, pad thai and trays of puppies for sale. I love it all. Oh, and god bless the 7/11s adorning every street corner where you can pop in for a syruppy Red Bull and some air con!

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