Branding by Emil

This is as dry as this blog is going to get. Apologies in advance.

Outside of my loves of food, beer, travel, soccer… and Harry Potter; my main squeeze is branding. From the creation of a logo, to the implentation of a consistent online strategy, I bore my friends and family on a daily basis.

Whether it be successes of brand campaigns like Apple, Nike and Google, or massive rebranding failures such as GAP, Kraft and… Cardiff City Football Club, I will talk your pants off for hours on end whether you want me to or not.

If you’re not interested in the slightest about branding and you’re just here for my favourite Red Curry recipe, then job on by these posts and I will forgive you entirely.

Oh, and if you want some assistance with your brand, then please do get in touch with me via the form on the contact page. This could be the start of a beautiful relationship.

Much love,

Emil x

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